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Shrink cap

Shrink cap is a very important practical and decorative part of the bottle package. It is used to decorate champagne, liquor and cognac bottles, as well as packaging for ketchup, sauces, mineral water and large containers for coolers. 

Shrink caps are produced from the PVC-based films and aluminium foil. It has an elastic structure and are able to replicate the form of any bottle. The film is easy to carry the picture of any complexity and can be stylized under the metal and velvet. The ability to create original packaging design is another reason why You should buy the shrink caps.

Espaco company provide excellent conditions to purchase unique shrink caps. The company's specialists will tell you how to create practical and high-quality cap and to give it an elegant decoration. Also they'll tell you about additional convenient features such as tip-disk and a tear tape.

What is the shrink cap?

Shrink caps are deeply involved in the creation of commercial brands. These devices protect the bottle contents from dust, excessive moisture and minor damage. It prevents accidental opening of the bottle, which can occur through negligence or during the transportation. Definitaly, each drink production company has lots of reasons to by the shrink caps. You will easily determine by the cap's look whether there was an unauthorized autopsy. Also, shrink products is a practical protection against the counterfeit products. In addition, it attracts buyers with the grace of forms and creates a truly solid brand image.

The advantages of shrink caps:

- Elastic shrinkage
- Harmonious combination with the shape of the bottle,
- Suitable for equipment with automatic throwing of the caps,
- Securely protects products from unauthorized opening,
- Protects products from dust, moisture and harmful substances, 
- Shrink cap is a special confirmation of the quality mark,
- Adds a stylish way for the goods packaging,
- Applicable for advertising content,
- Provides an unique brand image.

Buy shrink caps

With the help of Espaco company you can buy shrink caps choosing the desired package dimensions. The value of the upper diameter ranges between 28 and 40 mm, and height is between 30 and 75 mm. Besides, you can choose practical kinds of patterning by flexographic printing (5 colors) and thermal printing (2 colors simultaneously). The design of the top disk is performed by flexography and hot stamping. Shrink cap is made from PVC film of thickness 0.75 mm.