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Self-adhesive label

Self-adhesive labels is an element of practical and decorative packaging that is most common among a wide range of products. Such labels are used in the food industry, in the design of consumer goods, clothing, home appliances and other industrial products. By choosing the self-adhesive labels your brand can become more vivid and would have a graceful shape. Labels may contain images, logos and, of course, useful information about the product and required product documents. Besides, self-adhesive labels make to be easier the process of products sorting.


Self-adhesive labels doesn't harm the nutritional values of food and can be used reliably for the widest list of products. The label is made of different materials like gloss and semi-gloss paper, matte and metallic materials, nylon, synthetics, film and other raw materials.

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The application of this technology will not complicate the designing process of package. Self-adhesive labels can be easily applied on any surface. Also it is able to take on any shape and permanently retain a static position. For mounting of labels is used non-toxic glue. In addition to safety applications, the label is notable for its ability to provide the products additional protection against harmful influence of environment.

Self-adhesive label can contain colorful clear images performed with the most complex graphic elements. The images can be realized within perforation, varnishing, embossing, die cutting and other techniques.

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Espaco company will create self-adhesive labels in any shape and design for your individual order. We will create decorative elements that can be practically applicated in packaging with a nice textured or perfectly smooth surface. You still don't know what kind of self-adhesive labels it is better to order? Contact our specialists and you will learn all the best types of packaging that can easily emphasize the dignity of your brand.