₽ ( 1000 pcs.)
Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Rewinding and cutting of roll materials

The Espaco company provides practical services for the cutting of rolled materials. Rewinding and cutting of wrapped in rolls materials is manufactured using the specialized equipment. The service is suitable for that types of products that needs mass production in large quantities. Cutting of rolled materials significantly increases the release speed of many products of wide consumption. It is not only newspapers, visual ads, posters and billboards, but also the packaging for different types of goods. In this case, the drawing of package can be cyclically repeated to the length and width of the roll and the trim each specimen will be made according to conveyor type.


Services for cutting of roll materials

Services for the cutting of rolled materials is intended for different cutting formats. In this case, You must provide the format of the design of products and machines for cutting and rewinding rolls will be customized to any required values.