₽ ( 1000 pcs.)
Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Printing on a flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is a great opportunity to make more attractive and shining packaging for Your products. 
With the use of flexible packaging You will be able to create a recognizable brand endowed with a respectable appearance. In addition, this type of packing is lasting for long the perfect appearance and is doesn't change its form due to various conditions of storage products. Flexible packaging with printing will not create excess weight to Your products. Today, few people pay attention to products with heavy packaging. After all, we all appreciate light, easy to use and practical tools. Flexible packaging with printing is the most practical device of packaging based on the listed factors.


In addition, You can create colorful graphic images that will make your products to look unique and memorable. Printing on flexible packaging can be produced based on any presented model of the design. In comparison with other materials for such purposes, for flexible packaging is applicable a big variety of colors and shades, as well as the techniques of drawing. Printing on flexible packaging is intended to create images of any complexity with the simultaneous use of the maximum possible number of colors.

Flexible packaging with printing

Espaco company will produce for your products flexible packaging with printing and You will be able to create a truly unique brand. The appearance of the packaging, things the buyer with the goods. Colorful printing on the package will help You to achieve maximum effect and your goods will become amazingly popular.