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Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a practical material that can successfully be applied in the creation of packaging for food industry products. The foil is escellently resistant to chemicals, it has high strength and due to its flexible structure it can take various forms. Aluminium foil is presented for a lesser price than any analog material and has excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, this material is resistant to most common sources of corrosion and does not harm the nutritional value of foods.

The most notable qualities of aluminium foil:
- Rich variety of formats
- Applicability to consumer products, food industry and other types of industries,
- Impermeable structure that provides protection from direct sunlight,
- Protection against contact of product with water and smells
- Protection for the taste.

                                          Aluminum foil

Buy aluminum foil

Espaco company's specialists will help you to buy aluminum foil of those type that best suits for Your products. These material are extra useful for dairy products, especially butter, which needs protection from the sun and excessive light. In addition, aluminum foil is applicable in confectionery, drinks, household chemical products and consumer goods. Aluminium foil is intended for printing of complex drawings in a wide range of colors. Packing of Your products will get fine shape and will become a significant tool in successful brand policy.