₽ ( 1000 pcs.)
Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Foil top disc

Foil for top disk is a practical material for convenient decorative item of bottle packaging. Without this detail of bottles design vitality of production and strength of the upper packing element becomes veru low. Because, oftenly the bottles of different liquor production is stored in a vertical position in which the neck of bottles is above all. In this situation, this part of the bottle is most affected by the environment, dust, moisture and accidental impact. Foil for the top drive is an additional quality protection for your products that for a long time will fight successfully  against any harmful factors. 

In addition, the foil of top disk is convenient for applying the patterns of any complexity. You will be able to depict a logo of the manufacturer, the logo of the series product, some elements of the design and any image. Foil is ideal for printing high-quality drawings with different thickness lines and in a large spectrum of colors. After applying any graphic elements, the structure of the foil doesn't becomes less suitable for its main protection function.

Top disk on the lid of Your products bottles - is a special ability to create a truly solid brand image and to provide additional product protection.