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Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Shrink caps for wine bottles

Do You want to create a really striking, elegant and attractive packaging for your products? Espaco company will help You to choose practical devices and materials for successful packaging. Shrink cap for bottles is an integral part of a truly worthy brand. We are producing of caps for bottles of all kinds and provide printing of drawings of any complexity. Your bottle caps will have a robust structure and refined content. Caps for bottles may contain the logo of the product, serial stamp, stylized images and labels with the use usу ща different forms of calligraphy and much more.

The manufacture of caps for bottles

Production of caps for bottles must be performed taking into account the features of any product. Contact the specialists of Espaco service and You will learn how to achieve greater practicality from the packaging and to choose wisely shrink cap to any bottle. The chosen cap will protect contents of the bottles from unwanted external factors such as dust, dirt, different substances and sunlight.


In addition, the Espaco company produces platinka - aluminum caps for plastic cups. This device is widely used in food products. Particularly, the platinka is used in packaging of yogurt, fast food and various desserts. Platinka comprises bright images of any complexity with the use of unlimited array of colors and paints.

Self-adhesive label is used in the widest range of products of food and light industry, as well as for packaging products of other industries. Good labels attract with its high-quality images with high details. It can be used for packages of any shape and form.

Espaco company provides with practical material to create packaging. Among the large variety of products available You will find PVC film and aluminum foil all formats, tear tape with heat seal lacquer, ink for screen and pad printing. In addition, our company provides customized production of caps for bottles, as well as, cutting and rewinding of roll materials.

All work is performed on modern equipment taking into account the European quality standards. Industrial premises, as well as all existing technical basis are constantly checked on compliance with the regulations on carrying out serial production of quality and safe products.

When You choose Espaco company meet a friendly collective of true professionals. We'll show You the best methods of packaging and will create for You a truly high-quality packaging with a solid decorative content.

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