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 Aluminium foil lids

Espaco company prived platinka - a special lid for plastic cups used in the food industry. Platinka is a reliable way of product quality protection from negative environmental influences. This material is based on aluminum foil coated with termolecular and is widely distributed in packaging design for yogurt and other dairy products, as well as quick cooking food, juices and dessert items. Platinka is intended to apply color printing. You will be able to create a bright and memorable packaging for your products, and it will be an effective tool for attracting customers' attention to your brand. Espaco company's specialists will help you find platinka that suits perfectly to the packaging of your goods.

                          Aluminium foil lids

What are the advantages of a platinka:

  • Platinka is a practic barrier for undesired contact of food with moisture, oils, fats, gases, fumes, micro-organisms, excess light and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Aluminum foil does not enter into chemical reaction with foodstuffs and medicines and does not affect their composition and hygienic status.
  • Material can be subjected to heat treatment without any harm to the stored products. In addition, it ensures safe for food process of heat sealing of the packaging material.
  • Platinka limits the penetration of light and prevents oxidation of the component based on the fat.
  • Strength and frost resistance. Platinka is a real must-have if You expect to keep products frozen for a long time.
  • Material does not harm nature and can be used again.

By aluminium foil lids

You can buy platinka for plastic cups, laminated cardboard, thermoplastic and different kinds of PVC packaging. For PS cups sealing is performed at the temperature of 180°C and 4 bar pressure. The packaging on PT requires the temperature of 240-280°C and 4 bar pressure. Foil termolecular coating has a thickness of 0.38 mm and a density 107-110 grams per square millimeter. Such parameters are excellent for foil stamping of "orange peel" type.