₽ ( 1000 pcs.)
Cliches for stamping
2100 ₽
3500 ₽

Kanger logos
2800 ₽

Welcome to Espaco SMC company!

Printing on PVC film, foil and paper

We are producing packaging products for 13 years and today are totally ready to offer You modern shrink caps, self-adhesive labels and platinka of our own production. Also, we provide printing on PVC film, flexible packaging, foil and paper. In addition, our company offers component materials for packaging of champagne and other drinks bottles - tear tape with heat seal lacquer, top-disks, aluminum foil, PVC film and other products.

Manufacturer of packaging products - Espaco provides the following services:

- Creation and production of plates used in different types of printing, and in creation of tops-disks.
- Printing on PVC film, paper, foil, flexible packaging and other materials for packaging.
- Cutting and rewinding of packaging materials in rolls.
- Production of platinka (covers made of thick aluminum foil) commonly used in packaging with the use of a plastic cups.

In production of packaging of all types are uses modern equipment and materials from the leading European manufacturers of PVC film, aluminum foil, inks for thermal printing - Ineos Films, inks RUCO, Klöckner Pentaplast and others.